Wrangler Men’s Cowboy Cut Western Long Sleeve Snap Work Shirt Washed Finish

100% Cotton
Snap closure

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Wrangler Men’s Western Cowboy Cut Work Shirt. The Wrangler Western Cowboy Work Shirt does the talking for itself. A long-time everyday staple, with its durable construction and classic fit, this work shirt truly never goes out of style. This work shirt is constructed from 100% cotton and features authentic Western finishes.


  • Cowboy Fit. Classic fit through the torso and arms.
  • Western Style. Iconic snap closures, “”W”” stitching, Western front and back yokes.
  • Storage. (2) snap chest pockets and (1) pencil pocket.
  • Heavy-Duty. Built with heavy-duty fabric for a hard day’s work.

Wrangler 남성용 웨스턴 카우보이 컷 작업 셔츠. Wrangler 웨스턴 카우보이 워크 셔츠는 그 자체로 말합니다. 내구성이 뛰어난 구조와 클래식한 핏의 오랜 일상 필수품인 이 작업용 셔츠는 결코 유행에 뒤떨어지지 않습니다. 이 작업용 셔츠는 100% 면으로 제작되었으며 정통 웨스턴 마감이 특징입니다.


  • 카우보이 핏. 몸통과 팔에 클래식한 핏.
  • 웨스턴 스타일. 상징적인 스냅 클로저, “”W” 스티칭, 웨스턴 프론트 및 백 요크.
  • 저장 공간. (2) 스냅 가슴 포켓과 (1) 연필 주머니.
  • 튼튼함. 힘든 하루를 보낼 수 있도록 튼튼한 원단으로 제작되었습니다.

100% Cotton
Snap closure
Machine Wash
COWBOY CUT. Designed with a functional fit in mind, this work shirt provides protection and durability to keep up with your hard-working lifestyle. Constructed with a classic fit through the torso and arms, this shirt is made for long days of work.
CLASSIC WESTERN SHIRT. Made for authentic cowboys, this iconic western shirt is a tried and true classic. Complete with our signature Western finishes – authentic Western front and back yokes, decorative Wrangler “W” logo stitched onto pockets, and classic snap pockets and closures.
HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS. It’s no question that this classic can withstand wear and tear. Made with extra durable heavyweight 100% cotton, this work shirt was built to last and provide an added layer of protection — no matter the task.
ADDED PROTECTION. Whether you’re out on the ranch or working in the garage, you need a durable work shirt that keeps you protected throughout the day. Made from heavyweight fabric that will form a unique fit to you with wear, this work shirt will perform for years to come.
QUICK-ACCESS STORAGE. (2) Flap chest pockets with snap closure and (1) pencil slot at left pocket flap for easy-access storage.


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